During the Age of Antiquity, in a region located between the Adriatic Sea and the Inhospitable Sea, where the heavens kiss the earth in a realm steeped in enigma long before the rise of Rome and even the flourishing of Athenian Greece, three different factions arose: The Thracians to the east, the Paeonians to the west, and the Aegeans to the south.

Serdika - A Thracian Settlement

Centrally located between the three territories is an area known as Serdika. Serdika is a major trading hub, where the Thracians, Paeonians, and Aegeans all frequent. Conflicts between them occur often, not to acquire territory or wealth, but just because each is different. It is an unforgiving place where death and despair is common. It is also a place of rebirth... and where your story begins!

The image below shows a map of southeastern Europe, during the Age of Antiquity. The Thracians are to the East, the Paeonians are to the West, and the Aegeans are to the South. In the middle, is the Thracian settlement of Serdika.


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