Current State (04/11/24)
In this update, we've revamped the spell system, added ranged weapons (bow and arrow), all new custom animations, and more!

Current State (03/18/24)
Progress is being made! There are two zones, 30 or so NPCs, an inventory system, a banking system, merchants, player trading, quests, and fighting with spells and melee abilities.

Introduction/Current State (11/06/23)
Serdika is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roll playing game), set in a time of antiquity, and located in the southeastern part of Europe. A player can choose to be one of three factions: Thracian, Paeonian, or Aegean (only Thracian is allowed for now). Players meet in a central area called Serdika to engage in PVP.

Early Development Demo for Windows Desktop (11/01/23)
Watch two player characters group up and kill some frogs, wolves, and finally a bandit. We also see how trading, buying/selling, and banking works.

Early Development Demo for Android (11/01/23)
Watch how to setup a new Serdika account using MetaMask, create a character, and 20 minutes of gameplay.